Interest Rate Derivatives

If you are a running absolute return, global macro, systematic, RV / quant rate strategies or hedging long term liabilities OTCX can help. OTCX provides insight into your trading data you haven’t seen before.
  • IRS across 30+ currencies (spot, fwd, broken tenor, MMS)
  • OIS, FRA, FRA vs OIS
  • Basis, Xccy (float-float, fix-float, fix-fix)
  • Inflation, TRS, ASW
  • Swaptions (spot, mid-curve), Caps/Floors

Structured Products

Accelerate time to market with easy to define product templates and integration with leading issuers’ auto-pricers. Incorporate legal and compliance oversight into the workflow. Access easily deal audit trails and post trade analytics.
  • Phoenix Auto-callables
  • Participation (BREN, CBEN, Griffin, Market Plus, REN)
  • Market notes (Participation, Inverse KO Note, Protection)
  • Reverse Convertible notes
  • Warrants
  • ARNs, QARNs, FCN
  • PPN, CLN


Available as a standalone and with our other modules, OTCDocs reduces the time it takes to create a term-sheet from hours to seconds.
  • Real time generation of client's marketing documents
  • Intuitive updating of term sheet templates
  • Versioned and validated template workflow
  • User rights and audited workflows